I'm outdoors, drafting this gemlog post. I'm not sure I'll be able to post it from here, but I'll try. I'm trying to participate in ROOPHLOCH 2023, outdoor post challenge.

Remote Outdoor Offline PHLOgging CHallenge 2023

Here's my setup:

1. Onyx Boox Note 3, a 10" e-ink tablet

2. iclever IC-BK05 folding bluetooth keyboard

3. Android phone for a hotspot.

Photograph of a tablet with a draft of this post and a bluetooth  keyboard with a cup of coffee on a picnic table.

It's 81 degrees F, feels like 100. Bright sunny day with scattered clouds and some haze. I'm outdoors, but under a semi-permanent structure, a solar-powered table.

Photo of two tables on a cement pad next to a green lawn with small trees. In the backgound two white buildings, one with a blue and red mural on a black background.

These are Sunbolt XL workstations, and have four 250W panels each, with inverters, batteries, and plugs for USB and AC power. Several of these were installed across campus, after Hurricane Maria.

I cleaned up the draft at home, and copied the post over ssh to a server with a public IP that shares files with my laptop at home over syncthing. From the server, I can ssh over yggdrasil to the machine with my ssh keys for posting.